These are some recommended links for further exploration of poetry and the poets featured on the Neurotic Poets web site. I have tried to select quality pages of interest which offer information that is additional to or different from this site. Let me know if you find any outdated links or if you'd like to suggest an appropriate page or site for inclusion.


Poetry: General

The Poetry Archives
Wonderful archive of thousands of classical poems.
Favorite Poem Project
Poet Laureate Robert Pinksy's project to promote poetry as a vocal art - "Americans Saying Poems They Love"
Poets' Corner
Thousands of poems from hundreds of poets.
American Verse Project
86 volumes of American verse prior to 1920.
Romantic Circles
Emphasizes research on Byron, Shelley, and other Romantic writers.
Poets on Prozac
A book of sixteen essays exploring the notion that madness fuels creativity. Available at Barnes & Noble
Poetry CreatOR2
A Java applet that creates poetry.

Lord Byron

Crede Byron
Very informative site with some nice information on topics like Newstead Abbey, Byron's "Menagerie" and the "Byronic Vampyre".
Lord Byron
Part of 202-0 Site's "words worth saving". Discussions of Byron's life and issues revolving around his writings and character, with a few poems.
Project Gutenberg: The Works of Lord Byron: Letters and Journals. Vol. 1 by Byron
Read Byron's letters and journals online or download to an e-book reader, for free.
Lord Byron (George Gordon) : The Poetry Foundation
Detailed biography, with additional poems and articles.
Selected Poetry of George Gordon, Lord Byron
Selected Poetry of George Gordon Lord Byron from Representative Poetry On-line at the University of Toronto.
Augusta Ada Byron
More about the life of Lord and Lady Byron's daughter.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Percy Bysshe Shelley Resource Page
Find electronic and print resources devoted to Percy Shelley.
Selected Poetry and Prose of Percy Bysshe Shelley
Selected Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley from Representative Poetry On-line at the University of Toronto.
Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Complete Poetical Works.
Columbia University, Bartleby Library.
The Keats-Shelley House
The Keats-Shelley House in Rome.
Shelley's View of Nature Contrasted With Darwin's
An 1886 essay, from the Victorian Women Writers Project.
Shelley, Smith and Ozymandias
The story of Percy Shelley's poem "Ozymandias", written as part of a challenge between himself and Horace Smith.

Edgar Allan Poe

A Complete Collection of Poems
Comprehensive collection of Poe's poetry; includes a short biography, search engine, and many related links.
The House of Usher
Interesting Poe lore including, for example, references to Poe in songs.
Edgar Allan Poe Pages
Poe images, links and biography pages, lots of information.
Edgar Allan Poe: An Introduction
This page at a site about a play based on Poe includes a biography, works, essays and quotations.
Apropoe Productions
Actor Norman George as Edgar Allan Poe at AproPoe Productions.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The Rossetti Archive
Large collection of essays, images, and many other resources about or related to Rossetti.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti: The Victorian Web
Examines Rossetti's life and works from several perspectives.
Artchive - Dante Gabriel Rossetti
The Artchive has many Rossetti paintings to view, along with a biography.
Selected Poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Selected Poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti from Representative Poetry On-line at the University of Toronto.

Emily Dickinson

Thomas Higginson's Letter
The 1862 "Letter To A Young Contributor" by Thomas Higginson, which prompted Dickinson's life-long correspondence with him.
Dickinson, Emily. Poems.
Columbia University, Bartleby Library.
The Emily Dickinson Random Epigram Machine
Reload the page to see a different Epigram each time.
The Emily Dickinson House
The home of Emily Dickinson in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde Online
A website dedicated to one of the most successful playwrights of the late Victorian era and one of the greatest celebrities of his day
The Trials of Oscar Wilde
Detailed information and resources pertaining to Oscar Wilde's trials in 1895
Bibliomania: Oscar Wilde
A collection of Wilde's writing, with a short biography and further links.
Wilde, Oscar. Poems.
Columbia University, Bartleby Library.
Oscar Wilde: The Victorian Web
Examines Wilde's life and works from several perspectives

Dylan Thomas
This is the official website dedicated to Dylan Marlais Thomas, Wales' greatest poet.
Swansea - Dylan Thomas
Swansea is proud of being the birthplace of Dylan Marlais Thomas and also proud to host an annual Dylan Thomas Festival.
My Hero: Dylan Thomas
Bio and further links.
Dylan Thomas -
Poetry, poems, bios and more about Dylan Thomas at

Sylvia Plath

A Wind Of Such Violence: The Work Of Plath
Over 200 of her poems.
Sylvia Plath Page
In addition to an introduction to Plath and a biography, this site contains many translations and other resources related to Plath such as articles, essays and photos.
A celebration, this is
A blog, biography, bibliography and several photo albums related to Sylvia Plath's work and life.
Sylvia Plath -
A short biography and poems with comments.