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Wilde, glamorous and notorious, more famous as a playwright or prisoner than as a poet, invites readers of his verse to meet an unknown and intimate figure. The poetry of his formative years includes the haunting elegy to his young sister and the grieving lyric at the death of his father. The religious drama of his romance with Rome is captured here, as well as its resolution in his renewed love of ancient Greece. He explores forbidden sexual desires, pays homage to the great theatre stars and poets of his day, observes cityscapes with impressionist intensity. His final masterpiece, The Ballad...
This carefully crafted ebook is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents of the complete poetry of Oscar Wilde, containing more than 100 poems.
La Maison des grenades - A House of Pomegranates (French < > English bilingual Edition) Un recueil de contes d'Oscar Wilde - A poetry collection by Oscar Wilde (texte intégral / complete translation) La grenade, ce fruit généreux, de couleur rouge et aux grains nombreux, eux-mêmes couleur de rubis, apparait de manière récurrente dans les quatre contes de ce recueil. Pour Wilde, ce fruit est le symbole du luxe, de la sensualité et d'un orient fabuleux. Dans ces textes, l'auteur traite les thèmes essentiels tels que l'amour, la solitude, la liberté, le culte de l'image, la douleur, la sagesse, la r...

De Profundis and Other Prison Writings is a new selection of Oscar Wilde's prison letters and poetry in Penguin Classics, edited and introduced by Colm Tóibín.

At the start of 1895, Oscar Wilde was the toast of London, widely feted for his most recent stage success, An Ideal Husband. But by May of the same year, Wilde was in Reading prison sentenced to hard labour. 'De Profundis' is an epistolic account of Oscar Wilde's spiritual journey while in prison, and describes his new, shocking conviction that 'the supreme vice is shallowness'. This edition also includes further letters to his wife, his...

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The master of wit and irony
Published here alongside their evocative original illustrations, these fairy tales, as Oscar Wilde himself explained, were written “partly for children, and partly for those who have kept the childlike faculties of wonder and joy.”
Every evening the young
fisherman went out upon
the sea and threw his
nets into the water.
Bloomsbury Poetry Classics are selections from the work of some of our greatest poets. The series is aimed at the general reader rather than the specialist and carries no critical or explanatory apparatus. This can be found elsewhere. In the series the poems introduce themselves, on an uncluttered page and in a format that is both attractive and convenient. The selections in this book have been made by Giles Gordon.
This collection brings together all the poems written by the Irish author, playwright and poet, Oscar Wilde. After writing in different forms throughout the 1880s, he became one of London’s most popular playwrights in the early 1890s. He is remembered for his epigrams, his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, his plays, as well as the circumstances of his imprisonment and early death.

"I have the simplest tastes," remarked Oscar Wilde. "I am always satisfied with the best." In this superlative collection of quotations by the great Irish playwright and wit, readers will find the very best of Wilde's scintillating comments on art, human nature, morals, society, politics, history, and numerous other subjects. Epigrams, aphorisms, and other bon mots gleaned from Wilde's enduringly popular plays, essays, and conversation offer amusing, thought-provoking observations that resonate with truth and profundity beneath their comic surface.
Widely acknowledged as the most brilliant talk


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