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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1896 Edition.
A major poet, writer and painter, Dante Gabriel Rossetti was seen as the dominating cultural presence in the second half of the 19th century. He founded the Pre-Raphaelite movement, revised and re-imagined Blake's project of marrying images and texts, and was a shaping influence on Modernist aesthetic ideas and practices. His translations are original poetical works in their own right. Jerome McGann, scholar of the 19th and 20th century, presents a selection of Rossetti's poetry, prose and original translations. The collection is accompanied by McGann's commentaries and notes.

La Vita Nuova - Dante Alighieri. A translation into English by A. S. Kline. Published with illustrations by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Composed around 1294, in Italian, the Vita Nuova tells the story of Dante's encounters with and love for Beatrice, culminating in her early death and its effect upon him. Utilising and developing the conventions of Courtly Love, in a mixture of prose and verse, Dante deepens the emotional content of the genre, while pointing the way towards the intellectual and spiritual journey of the Divine Comedy. Indeed the final section of the Vita Nuova contains his commit...

This edition brings together all of Rossetti's writings published in his lifetime, including the early pre-Raphaelite tale "Hand and Soul" and his critical defence of his "fleshly" poems. It also includes a translation of Dante's "Vita Nuova", together with a selection from his English versions of Guido Cavalcanti, which introduced Ezra Pound to the medieval literature which formed the basis of his career. This study edition contains both texts and commentary.
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As a young poet, Dante Alighieri was at the center of a new attitude sweeping through Italy and southern France. Poets and artists were awakening from a thousand-year yoke we now call the Middle Ages. Giotto showed the way in art by painting real people in his allegorical scenes; Dante used vernacular or street language to write down his actual feelings. And a new subject drove these and other passionate artists: Love. Who were the poets of Dante’s circle? This edition of Dante and His Circle is based upon an imaginative recreation of a cultural and intellectual ferment at the birth of a natio...
The famous Pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti was also a celebrated poet, scholar and translator, whose works influenced the European Symbolists, serving as a precursor of the Aesthetic movement. His early poetry was influenced by John Keats, whilst his later verses were characterised by the complex interlinking of thought and feeling, as demonstrated by his masterpiece, the sonnet sequence, ‘The House of Life’. This volume of the bestselling Delphi Poets Series presents the complete written works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, with beautiful illustrations, rare works and the usual Delph...
The House of Life is a poetic work that spans the life and loves of the founding member of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Exploring the passion and ardour he felt for his wife, and later the wife of his friend and business partner, William Morris, The House of Life is an exploration of self, existence and love.
This edition features the beautiful oil paintings and pastel drawings of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, with an easy to navigate index of all the poems.
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The New Life is the masterpiece of Dante's youth, an account of his love for Beatrice, the girl who was to become his lifelong muse, and of her tragic early death. An allegory of the soul's crisis and growth, combining prose and poetry, narrative and meditation, dreams and songs and prayers, this work of crystalline beauty and fascinating complexity has long taken its place as one of the supreme revelations in the literature of love.
The New Life is published here in the beautiful translation by the English poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti, an inspired poetic re-creation comparable to Edward Fitzger...

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